How Extensions Solve Space Tensions

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How home extensions offer a worthwhile alternative to moving house


The Greater Manchester area has seen some rise in house prices. As a consequence, more parts of our locality have become less affordable for first time buyers. In many cases, renting is an expensive alternative. Oh, and don’t get us started on the traffic and public transport. If you’re satisfied with your present home and reluctant to move, extensions are the way to go.

As well as offering conservatories and double glazed windows, we at A&S Windows are able to offer extensions. Whether at the front, back or sides, our extensions will blend in with your home. Stone brickwork? We can do that. 1950s former council houses? Most definitely. Our attention to detail applies to each home or commercial building we do.

We not only extend the front, sides, or back of your home. We can turn garages into extra rooms, or turn our hand to loft conversions. Everything with a meticulous approach to our work.

Why extend your home?

  • Saves on having to move house;
  • Enables you to use space in your existing home more effectively;
  • Can add value to your home, should you choose to sell it in the near future;
  • Useful as a ‘granny flat’ or offers extra space for people with limited mobility;
  • A great extra space for hobbies: for example, as a workshop or a home music or artist’s studio;
  • A good base for a home-based business, for self-employed people.

A and S Windows, 13 December 2016.

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