Why Should You Have a Conservatory?

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How a conservatory would enhance your home

There are a few good arguments for having a conservatory. As well as the added space, there is the joy of being able to enjoy your garden all-year-round. Wind, rain, and snow as well as sunshine. These redeeming features alone explain why conservatories are a popular form of home improvement in the United Kingdom.

In Stalybridge, where the weather can be like Costa del Sol one minute, then like the North Pole in the next, conservatories are good for taking in the Pennine foothills or your garden. Especially as today’s designs are available for all-year-round use, thanks to enhanced heating systems. Our designs can enhance your home, no matter how old it is.

Five reasons why you should have a conservatory

We have also added this infographic, which explains in a more visual form why conservatories are great for adding space to your home.

Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Conservatory?

They add space to your home

In the last thirty years, modern-day houses have shrunk in size, which has prompted more households to expand upwards or outwards. Thanks to technological developments and the popularity of PVC-U window frames, modern-day conservatories designed for use all-year-round use. They can double as an extra living room, possibly as a place of relaxation away from the television.

They give you another way to enjoy your garden

With our home town being part of a fairly soggy island, sitting in the garden could be off-limits. With a conservatory, you could admire the view of your garden or distant scenery, even when it’s pouring down. Summer or winter.

Great for entertaining guests

As well as rest, your conservatory is also suitable for play. The extra space enables you to entertain guests, whether for garden parties or birthday celebrations. If there’s no room in your front room or kitchen, a conservatory allows for greater flexibility.

They add value to your home

The extra space is attractive for potential purchasers, should you choose to sell your home. If your conservatory blends in well with the rest of the home, it will add value to your sale price. We at A&S Windows offer different types of conservatories to suit all tastes, and architectural styles.

Available in several designs

Conservatories for the home have come a long way with designs available in Edwardian, Victorian, and modern styles. All of our designs are created to blend in with your home and garden. Feel free to discuss your requirements by telephone on 0161 338 6760, or by email us through info@aandsuk.com.

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